To the Discovery of the wonders of this territory.

The village of Fossanova nestled like a jewel between the centuries-old olive groves and the Pontine countryside, is an oasis of peace within walking distance of everything. Connected by the Rome-Naples railway line and the A4 freeway, it is easily reachable and with fast and well organized trips you can reach all the main tourist and historical-artistic sites.

The scent of the countryside, the sound of the sea and the taste of a cuisine rich in tradition and territory are just some of the many things you can discover and experience by organizing a trip out of town in the Borgo e Dintorni.

The Village & Priverno

The Abbey, the village and the Museum of Fossanova

Discover the historical and architectural memory of Fossanova with the visits of the archaeologists of the Polo Museale.

T. 0773 938006.

Priverno and Archaeological and Medieval Museum

Privernum Archaeological Area

Sunday afternoon workshops for children

T. 0773 912306 – 347 2330323

The Sea Surroundings

Less than half an hour crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches. The Pontine coast is really varied, between the sea and small villages is a perfect tourist destination for every kind of vacation.