Event rooms and a garden of possibilities

In ancient times the Guest house was the first access to the village of Fossanova, here the wayfarers, arriving from the Amaseno riverside, found their first refreshment after the long journey. Today its arch between Borgo and Campagna has become the gateway to a location, with versatile rooms and garden available for the organization of any type of event. From the wedding to the conference, from team building to the working lunch, from brunch to the endless concert, are the potentialities of this place immersed in the most beautiful village in the countryside.

From the Forno to the Foresteria

The unified management of the restaurant Il Forno del Procoio and Foresteria allows to widen the range of proposals and make smart the solution to every problem. The versatility of the spaces allows you to host from the birthday party to the business meeting of large companies. The presence of a quality cuisine, which starts from the territory and goes around the world allows to delight every taste. To complete the organizational roster, the comfort of the two parking lots and the small houses scattered in the village.