Fresh memories…

Its lovely red courtyard of small houses, warehouses and barns has gradually arisen over the centuries around the Abbey, to serve the religious community first, and then the agricultural activity, increased by the transformation of Fossanova, around the early 1800s, into an agricultural village and the estate of important families, such as the Braschi, the Polverosi and the Borghese princes.

Over the centuries the buildings have been shelter for travelers, pilgrims and animals, and then residences of princes, popes, abbots and peasant families, who have lived here for generations. But above all it has been and it is, a very loved place, enchanting theater for all of us, who continue to live it thanks to wonderful memories.

In our memory it is still alive the scent of Albino’s oven with its hot loaves and, even earlier, that of the large common oven which in the central square was lit to bake everyone’s bread. It was a festive occasion, just as beating the soapy clothes together on the stone of the old stream.

Next to Albino’s workshop what , in the 1950s, was the midwife’s house and the restoration workshop of antique furniture; further down, in what would later become Pietro’s bar and the joy of the first packaged ice creams, there was the carpenter workshop, and then the store of Maria Antonietta and her tradition of party favors. Under the last arch, the intrepid adventure of the beloved Fiorella who sold fruits and vegetables for a few years.

The beautiful shop Cose di borgo which had dedicated a ceramic, a plate with photos of the time, an antique jewel or a handmade postcard to each corner of Fossanova.

In the restoration workshop of Tina and Gérard, unforgettable precious and melancholic watercolour paintings.

Going up towards the crenellated entrance tower, desired by the Borghese princes between the ‘800 and the ‘900, in the warehouses of the stable, Carlo the coppersmith, worked tirelessly for years … on cauldrons, wings and beautiful copper basins. The acrid smell of metal, fire and polishing acids is still alive in those walls.

Under the “Monterubianesi” canopy Alessandro the blacksmith beat and forged his iron.

Up ahead the bold adventure of the store in the old pantry of Luciano and Elvira Magliozzi.

Many alternations… of activities and inhabitants, everyone has left a deep trace in this place.